Helping you Find the Perfect Unicorn Onesie

A Magical All-in-One Outfit for Kids & Adults to Wear in Bed or Just for Relaxing at Home

Onesies are all the rage in the UK and the magical unicorn is the most popular choice of animal-themed onesies. We feature an impressive choice of fleece, flannel or cotton unicorn onesies for children and adults in various colourful styles. We also bring you a range of other animal onesies and a selection of garments on the theme of the mythical unicorn.

Enjoy Some Creature Comfort in a Unicorn Onesie!


You are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a stylish unicorn onesie - there are dozens of styles available for adults and kids.


It seems as though the UK has gone unicorn crazy recently - we just can't get enough of the magical creature with the spiral horn on its head.


Unicorn-themed clothing, cuddly toys and a wealth of other merchandise are all the rage - with this adored creature of legend even toppling the mermaid, which previously held the top spot in the popularity stakes.


A unicorn-themed onesie lets you look really cool - while keeping nice and warm! Animal onesies are big business these days and the unicorn is the most popular choice of creature by a long way.


Onesies are hugely popular all-in-one garments which have taken off in a big way in the UK in recent years. They are very practical for keeping warm in the winter time and unicorn onesies are also great fun and looks super. 


They come with lots of lovely little embellishments such as big captivating eyes, cute long eyelashes, and a mane and tail - and, of course, all unicorn onesies feature the obligatory pointy horn, the unique feature which clearly distinguishes this magical creature from a horse.


These soft and colourful garments are perfect for wearing at bedtime, relaxing at home or even for attending a fancy dress party. They are available in many different colours including blue, pink, white, grey, green, red, yellow, orange, black, beige and purple.

Onesies are also often referred to as body suits, footed pyjamas, sleepsuits, romper play suits, jumpsuits and all in one pyjamas. Many sizes are available including extra small, small, medium, large and extra large so there is something suitable for everyone. Most are baggy to allow you to wear underclothes if you choose.


People have been captivated for centuries by the story of the magical unicorn, a mythological animal in the form of a horse which has a long and straight spiralling single horn in the middle of its forehead.


For years these single-piece bedtime outfits were the preserve of infants but now everyone can enjoy these snug, easy to wear garments at bedtime. It's not just kids who like wearing a onesie at home - mums and dads are getting in on the act also.


After a hard day at work or home, you can slip into a unicorn sleepsuit and relax in front of the television, or chill out with a book and a glass of your favourite tipple. Many are designed in a unisex style, making them perfect for women and men.


Teenage girls and younger kids will love taking their unicorn onesie for sleepovers as they can relax in them, be warm when they sit up all night chatting and look really trendy at the same time.


Unicorn onesies generally have hoods and non-slip soles on the feet - much the same as slipper socks do. Down the front there is usually a full length zip or buttons and some of them also have a Velcro 'bum flap'.


Sleepsuits are generally long-sleeved and have cuffed ankles and wrists to make them a neat, cosy, draught free fit. While roomy and waistband free, they are not so baggy that they look ridiculous.


Unicorn sleepsuits are generally long-sleeved and some have cuffed ankles and wrists to make them a neat, cosy, draught free fit. While roomy and waistband free, they are not so baggy that they look ridiculous.


It seems everyone is wearing a onesie these days - high street fashion stores and online clothing stores are selling hundreds of styles of adult onesies and kids onesies.


Onesies were originally for boys - babies, that is. Then adults found out how comfortable they were and introduced them into mainstream comfort fashion - movie stars and celebrities soon started wearing them, leading to an every bigger boom in onesie sales.

Onesies can be worn for much of the year in the UK due to our cold and wet climate for many months in autumn, winter and early spring.

These lovely outfits take the form of many animals - and even sharks and dinosaurs - and they can even double up as a fancy dress costume.


A cheap onesie will set you back less than £20 buy you can expect to pay more for a luxury item made of the finest material for extra comfort, such as the mega-plush animal onesies from the renowned Kigu company.


It's amazing how how many adults in the UK have taken to wearing onesies - these single-piece soft fleecy garments have truly taken the UK by storm and look set to be around for years to come.


The onesie is an item of clothing that really comes into its own during the winter when mums and dads can put one on when they get home from work. Then they can settle down to watch television after the evening meal - and then simply keep the onesie for going to bed.


A unicorn onesie is also a fantastic choice for children - the only problem with teenage onesies is that wearing one could make your girl or boy even lazier than usual when it comes to getting him to do a bit of tidying up or other chores around the house!


There are several types of onesies for men available in the market and we have plenty of different styles for you to take a look at. You have those that cover the feet and those that keep you toes free - some are designer quality and 'themed' and others are quite plain and homely.


The unicorn is easily the most popular creature in the booming animal onesie market - but there are many other options available to buy - among the choices for sale are a lion, penguin, frog, rabbit, leopard zebra, cow, dinosaur, owl, fox, cheetah, cat, tiger, kangaroo, sheep and panda.


If you are mad about unicorns, you'll probably be interested in much more than just unicorn onesies - there are hundreds of lovely unicorn products available to buy these days. We think you might find somethng that catches your eye in our range of unicorn clothing and accessories, or our impressive selection of unicorn slippers for kids and adults.


You'll find unicorn onesies for sale these days in many major UK stores including Primark, Asda, Debenhams, Argos, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, John Lewis, Peacocks, H&M and Next. They are also available in many styles at leading online stores including Boohoo, Missguided, eBay and shopping giant Amazon.


A unicorn onesie really is a novel way to beat the winter chill while having a bit of wacky fun into the bargain. So go on - it's time to treat yourself, your partner or your child to one.