Unicorn Onesies for Kids

You can't go wrong if you treat your little girl or boy to a cute unicorn onesie. Kids just love slipping into a onesie themed on this magical creature, either for wearing at night time in bed or simply as a fun outfit for playing around at home. 


There are dozens of lovely unicorn onesies available to buy which provide plenty of plush comfort and warmth during the cold winter months. These all-in-one pyjama sleepsuits come in a range of styles and colours. Various sizes are available, making them suitable from babies and infants to older girls and boys.


We feature an impressive choice of stylish unicorn onesies for children, including several from the highly-regarded Kigu company. You can also check out our range of other animal onesies.

Unicorn onesies are all the rage in the UK with fun-loving boys and girls getting in on the action by wearing these cosy fleece garments at home.


Whether you are looking for a cute unicorn onesie for your baby or toddler - or maybe a warm and fashionable larger one for your teenage daughter or son – you are sure to find something that appeals here.


Unicorn onesies - and any animal-themed onesie for that matter - are a fun choice of outfit for boys who want to go wild in the winter months! They are perfect for bedtime or for wearing in the house after getting home from school.


Kids just love slipping into a bright and cheery unicorn onesie when they set about doing their homework, watching TV or playing around the home with their siblings.


And let's not forget that a unicorn onesie can double-up as a fancy dress costume if your little boy or girl is attending a dressing up birthday or Christmas party.


These eye-catching sleepsuits have an obvious benefit for mums and dads in that they will no longer need to coax their young children to get their pyjamas on at night!


Onesies - often referred to as all-in-one pyjamas, sleepsuits or romper suits - are usually machine-washable and are available to buy in various adorable designs for your little darling. They come with all the key features associated with the mythical unicorn, including the long pointy horn which makes it notably different from a horse.


Most colours are available including pastel shades of blue, white, green, purple, pink, yellow, brown and grey. Onesies are generally made of fleece, but other choices of material include cotton, flannel and polyester. They usually come with zips or press studs fastenings.


A cheap and basic unicorn onesie for kids will normally cost around £15 to £20 but you can expect to pay more for a deluxe garment, such as one from the renowned Japanese company Kigu.


'Kigu' is short for the Japanese word 'Kigurumi', which translates as 'Animal Character Costume'. The company introduced its impressive range of animal onesies to the UK in 2009.