Unicorn Slippers for Kids & Adults

Unicorn slippers look really magical and provide all the comfort you need to keep your feet feeling warm and cosy at home during the chilly winter months. 


There are dozens of styles available to buy for adults and kids - from slippers featuring printed or stitched unicorn images to others which are designed in the shape of an actual unicorn, complete with soft pointy horns.


Open-back unicorn slippers are a popular choice but there are plenty of others available which encase your feet completely - and there are even 3D light-up versions for children and fluffy unicorn booties for babies.


Various colours are available including pink, yellow, blue, yellow, grey, white and purple. Prices range from around £10 for a cheap and basic pair to more than £40 for a deluxe pair.

Unicorn slippers are adding a touch of animal magic to homes across the UK - they are proving a big hit with kids and adults as the nation continues to go unicorn crazy.


There are some really charming and stylish unicorn slippers for all the family - it's not just young boys and girls who are catered for ... there are plenty of delightful products for men and women.


That means everyone - including mum and dad - can get in on the action with a comfy pair of slippers in the shape of a unicorn. They can wallow in the joy of slipping their tired and weary feet into a pair of these soft slippers after a hard day at work.


Some people may consider unicorn slippers a bit of a novelty but - even though they certainly have the fun factor - there's no denying the majority of them are also super comfortable and guaranteed to keep your tootsies nice and warm during the cold winter months.


Most of them feature synthetic non-slip soles and some are machine-washable. They are available in a range of sizes, meaning there is something to suit everyone.


Unicorn slippers are made from a variety of materials including fleece, wool, polyester, flannel, memory foam, velour and cotton. Some feature a fluffy faux fur mane and tail, as well as the essential soft foam unicorn horn.


Slipper socks featuring colourful images of unicorns are also a popular choice - these look similar to standard socks, but they have a solid slip-proof sole to make them ideal for wearing around the house.


Another excellent option on the theme of unicorn footwear is slipper boots - these provide maximum winter warmth and, as you would expect, are adorned with trimmings relating to the horned mythical creature. Ballerina, loafer and mule slippers on the unicorn theme are three other choices.


These cute slippers make a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift for a child or adult and are a great choice for someone who already owns a footless unicorn onesie and wants to make their outfit complete.


A basic pair of unicorn slippers will cost around £10 or less - but a really plush pair, such as those which are made with top quality fabric and light-up with movement - will cost quite a bit more. It is also possible to buy a pair of personalised unicorn slippers, featuring your name, for around £20.