Unicorn Onesies for Adults

Unicorn onesies are not just for kids - there's no shortage of adults across the UK who have treated themselves to a cosy sleepsuit in the form of the mythical creature of legend.


These lovely one-piece garments are perfect for keeping warm in the winter time, whether that's in bed at night or just for lounging around at home in front of the television. They even make a great costume for a fancy dress party.


Unicorn onesies are very practical outfits when it comes to keeping the winter chill at bay, but their novel design also makes them great fun to wear.

A basic flannel or fleece adult unicorn onesie will cost around £20 but a top-of-the-range offering from the plush Kigu range will cost quite a bit more. We also feature a range of unicorn onesies for kids.

Unicorn onesies are available to buy in many different design and styles, ranging from cheap and basic garments to elaborate outfits made from top quality fabrics. The high end products are intricately adorned with lovely features and colourful embellishments.


Those designed in soft pastel shades of pink, cream, yellow, beige and lilac are clearly more targeted at the female customer, but there are still many other options in black, purple, brown, blue and green which may appeal more to men.


Of course, there are many unisex all-in-one adult onesies on the theme of the unicorn, which are perfect for men and women. They are available in various sizes, including extra small, small, medium, large and extra large - so there is something to suit everyone.


Animal-themed onesie sleepsuits have really taken off in a big way in the UK - their elaborate design with all the key features of the animal they represent make them ideal for wearing to a fancy dress party for a birthday, Christmas or Halloween.


There are dozens - if not hundreds of animal choices available - these include the lion, snow leopard, panda, shark, teddy bear, cat, dog, pink panther, sloth, lobster, wolf, skunk, kangaroo, cow, sheep, hippo, elephant, dinosaur, hedgehog, reindeer, owl, giraffe, squirrel, squirrel, rabbit, fox and dragon.


Onesie mania has been sweeping the UK for several years and more and more adults and children are opting for this all-in-one garment for bedtime, rather than traditional pyjamas or nightdresses.


Their loose-fitting design makes them really appealing and their tasteful and cute style has the ability to make you look loveable and fun-loving, even if you have a frown on your face!


These sleepsuits are super comfortable to wear, due to the extra soft and fluffy material they are made of. Mum or dad can sit and watch TV in a snug onesie on a cold winter evening, and then slip off to bed for the night - with it still on!


Many animal onesies for adults are footed for extra warmth at night, but some people find these a bit too restrictive so there's always the option to buy the footless style.


You're always snug in a winter onesie, and you can get down to some serious snuggling with your partner in one - the soft, sensuous, teddy-bear like feeling is divine. They used to be designed with straps or 'poppers' but now are frequently seen with a zipper from neck to crotch for ease of wearing - and taking off!


A unicorn onesie makes a wonderful gift so why not treat your partner to one this Christmas? They are a super item of clothing for the festive season when fun and laughter is the order of the day.


So what are you waiting for? It's time to get in on the action and start enjoying the pleasures of wearing a magical unicorn onesie!