Animal Onesies for Adults & Kids

A unicorn onesie is a great choice of garment for adults and kids - but there are dozens of other animals available to buy for wearing at home. 


Animal onesies have the fun factor - they are practical for keeping warm and snug in the cold winter months, while their novel animal style makes them a truly exciting outfit for kids. 


Young boys and girls love getting dressed up like their favourite animal - and mum and dad can also get decked out as a cute or fierce creature. 


There's a huge range of animals to choose from - among the most popular are the unicorn, lion, tiger, bunny rabbit, panda, zebra, cow, polar bear, reindeer, leopard, dinosaur, monkey, frog and penguin. 


We feature a range of colourful animal onesies in variety of styles and sizes so we're confident you will something that appeals to your taste.

If you've never owned a onesie in the style of an animal, you are really missing out on the fun - this novel style of leisure wear is proving a very popular alterative to traditional pyjamas, sleepsuits or jumpsuits.


You've probably realised by now that these zany all in one pyjamas are not exactly the kind of attire that would be welcome in a board meeting. However, if you want the comfort of a sleeping suit with the fun and frolic that comes with an animal costume, these onesies are what you are looking for.


It might not be a good idea to go out and about dressed in one of these zany outfits, but when it comes to having a party at home or at a friend's place, or generally fooling around with friends and family while staying cosy and carefree, you would be hard pressed to find something that can replace the warmth of a creature onesie.


An animal onesie is a novel form of sleep suit to wear in bed as night, or can simply be worn at home when you are relaxing in from of the TV or doing a few chores around the home.


Can you imagine what a Betty Bat Winged Onesie sleep suit might look like? Or Rosie Reindeer? Bella Bumble Bee, perhaps? These fleecy garments really are a feast of fun!


The reindeer onesie is striped with small reindeer images rendered like block prints. It is hooded and super-soft - just snuggle into one and you'll never want to take it off.


Would you like a tail to go with your onesie? Perhaps a limited edition pink dinosaur is what you need, or the green and Indian Yellow Godzilla costume with a spiked tail. Choose from a lemur, giraffe, red panda or even a cuddly pug, and you will tickle everyone's funny bone, including yours.


You should actually take a close look at each of these costumes to know which ones you can bear to leave out - you'll want to pick all of them at once because they are so adorable and cuddly even when on display.


Most animal onesies are made from polyester fleece and they are usually be cleaned in a washing machine. Most onesies, including the very popular Kigurumi range, are very intricately designed to feature the key elements of the animal they represent - so, for example, a bunny onesie will feature traditional long bunny ears or your lion onesie will include a fluffy mane. 


There are so many different animal choices available to buy that your family can easily create a costume zoo right inside your home! The range of animals in incredible - they include a polar bear, raccoon, dragon, shark, leopard, goat, pig, crocodile, cat, dog, meercat,  moneky, panda, corgi, owl, dalmation, sheep, sloth, kangaroo, rooster, bulldog, donkey gorilla and elephant - and that's just a few of the options for sale.


The owl and the bat onesies come with wings and most of these garments, unless they only have animal prints, are rather loose and allow plenty of room for flapping or waddling around - on all fours if you like - as the case may be. The stylish onesies made by Kigu are known as kigurumis - this comes from the Japanese words for 'to wear' and 'stuffed toys'.


The top quality Japanese creature onesies made by Kigu are priced at around £40 except for the limited edition ones that come for a few pounds extra. The UK-made ones are cheaper at about £25 but are no less comfortable.


We bring you animal onesies from a range of leading brand names including Kigurumi, Loungeable Boutique, LD Outlet, Koo-T, Lora Dora, WOWcosplay, Wicked Wicked and Autumn Faith. If you are looking to be less conspicuous and yet, want an animal onesie, the teddy bear animal onesie is perfect - in a tighter fit than other animal all-in-ones, it comes in baby soft polyester fleece with teddy ears on the hood and cuffs at ankles and wrists.


Subtle and comfortable, this is the perfect low key onesie when fun need not be accompanied by frivolity as well. Depending upon how you want to make use of it, the teddy bear can double as a boudoir costume for a different kind of cosy night or evening!


So what are you waiting for? - it's time to get in on the action and go wild in an animal onesie!