Unicorn Gear - Clothing & Accessories

There can be no denying the UK has become obsessed with unicorns in the last year or so - kids and adults alike are completely captivated by the magical creature.


We bring you a selection of some of the unicorn-themed clothing items and other merchandise which are proving so popular in high street stores and online.


There are literally hundreds of different unicorn items available to buy these days - ranging from toys and games to ornaments and table lamps.


But we've opted to home in on unicorn-themed products you can wear, including dressing gowns, pyjamas, cute slippers, T-shirts, dresses, socks, hats, jackets and scarves. And we just couldn't resist including a few unicorn cuddly toys!

It seems unicorn merchandise is everywhere these days - and unicorn-themed clothing, in particular, is proving hugely popular with adults and kids.


The unicorn onesie and unicorn slippers are probably the biggest sellers, but there are plenty of other clothing products and accessories which are also selling like hotcakes in the UK.


We've tracked down some of the unicorn-related garments and accessories which are proving to be very popular indeed - these include unicorn pyjamas, dressing gowns, watches, socks, T-shirts, underwear, sweaters, booties, leggings, beanie hats, scarves, bolero shrugs, hoodies, headbands, wraps, headbands, purses, bath robes, gloves, mittens, backpacks and shawls.


Most of these items make perfect birthday or Christmas gifts for boys and girls - and even mums and dads are happy to get a nice pressie on the unicorn theme.


Mermaids were all the rage in the UK in recent years - kids in particularly just couldn't get enough of mermaid merchandise, including clothing, jewellery, beauty products, beachwear and toys. But now it seems the unicorn has captured everyone's hearts and this magical creature has galloped above the mermaid in popularity.


The range of Unicorn-themed clothing and accessories available is staggering and the great thing that there is something for all ages … from kids to adults.


Whether you are looking for a cute unicorn dress or headband for your young daughter, or a colourful arty unicorn sweatshirt or hoodie for an older teenage girl, you're sure to find something that fits the bill.


And let's not forget babies, infants and toddlers - there's no shortage of stylish unicorn garments for them to wear including booties, socks, romper suits, dressing gowns and scarves.


There’s no sign of our fascination with the unicorn waning any time soon - so this magical creature looks certain to be capturing our hearts and imagination for years to come.